Help us build the future of visual coding by bringing design closer to engineering.

Modulz is a very early-stage, VC-backed startup.

Our first product is a visual code editor. We make it easy for teams to manage their design system, build a component library and design interfaces—all without writing code.

Our goal is to improve cross-team collaboration by getting everyone working on the same product, together.

Our values


Work from anywhere in the world. Choose your own hours and get ample time off. Meetings are kept to a minimum.


We're committed to building an inclusive company. We're serious about creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and appreciated.


Your ideas and opinions will be heard. You will have the freedom to lead projects. We want you to feel invested in your work and proud of it.


Ask questions. Experiment with new ideas and tech. Reach out to customers and learn about their workflows. Be curious.

Perks & benefits


$90k base salary.

Skin in the game

The first 2 employees receive 1% stock options.

Time off

30 days paid time off for vacation, holidays & sick days

Work remotely

Work from anywhere in the world. Choose your own hours.

Health insurance

Health & dental coverage. We pay 75% of your premium.

Remote stipend

$200 monthly stipend for hotdesking, travel, hipster coffee or fancy headphones.

Wellness stipend

$50 monthly stipend for gym, yoga or whatever you need to stay healthy.

Conference pass

One free ticket to a conference of your choice.

Office goodies

$1k upfront to help kit out your home office.

Free books

Unlimited free books whenever you want.

Hiring process

  • 1


    Apply via Typeform. Links below.*

  • 2


    A series of short technical challenges. 10-45 mins each.

  • 3


    A 60 min technical interview with either Stephen or Colm to dive into the technical skills required for the role.

  • 4


    60 min video call to chat more about us, you, design tools, design systems, the weather, Bird Box etc.

  • 5


    If we're both still interested, we'll send an offer. You then have a chance to chat with others on the team.

* All applicants will receive an email about next steps within 5 days. We're aiming to finish all steps within 4 weeks.

Open roles

Product Engineer

Lead engineering projects with a strong focus on React.

  • React & ES6 expert.

  • Bonus points for experience with Typescript, MobX or Redux.

  • Bonus points for experience with advanced CSS or browser performance.

  • Comfortable working remotely.

Product Designer

Lead projects with a focus on design/dev tooling, systematic design, functional design and component architecture.

  • Design and prototype advanced tooling for designers and developers.

  • Design and prototype user flows and experiences across various areas of our SaaS product.

  • Write extremely detailed specs and collaborate with our engineers.

  • Design and build reusable themes and component libraries.

  • Maintain and contribute to Radix.

  • Deep understanding of CSS is required. Bonus points for experience with React.

  • Comfortable working remotely.