UI Engineer

A very experienced UI engineer to build a world-class library of accessible, reusable UI components.

The role

  • Build and maintain an extensive library of robust, accessible, performant, reusable UI components for both web and mobile.

  • Perform deep research on performance and accessibility and ensure that our component library complies with best practices.

  • Get involved in both the design and dev communities to learn which problems we should solve and help our solutions gain widespread adoption.

  • Maintain and contribute to Radix, our open-source design system.

  • As our larger releases approach, you'll help out with customer support.

The requirements

  • Very experienced with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Working knowledge of React.

  • Deep knowledge of popular libraries (ReachUI, Styled System etc.) and methodologies (BEM, OOCSS, component-first etc.).

  • Comfortable and excited in a fully remote role.

  • Capable in multiple areas: collaborating with the product team on requirements, designing the technical architecture, writing the code, and pushing your features through to release.

The offer

  • $90k - $110k USD salary

  • 0.5% - 1% stock options

  • 30 days paid time off

  • Work remotely from anywhere in the world. Choose your own hours.

  • Health & dental coverage. We pay 75% of your premium.

  • $200 USD monthly stipend for hotdesking, travel, hipster coffee or fancypants headphones.

  • $50 USD monthly stipend for gym, yoga, health apps, therapy or whatever you need to stay healthy.

  • One free ticket to a conference of your choice, annually.

  • $1k USD upfront to help you kit out your home office or workstation.

  • Unlimited free books.

The process

All applicants will receive a response within 7 days. We intend to complete the whole process by July 12th.

  • 1


    Apply via the Typeform.

  • 2


    You will be asked to complete a 60-min React challenge and a 15-min component architecture quiz.

  • 3


    There will be 3-4 video calls with our team so we can get to know each other.

  • 4



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