Modulz May release: Multiplayer?! Editor redesign, CodeSandbox integration

CColm Tuite
Colm Tuite
June 03, 2019
1 min read

Here's a recap of the features and improvements we shipped in May.


The team have been working on some fancypants code that syncs Modulz across tabs. We have no immediate plans to flesh this out, but we now have a solid foundation for all sorts of cool things, including multiplayer.

Hold cmd or shift and click to select multiple layers.
Changes to a design update other browser tabs in real-time.

CodeSandbox integration

Until now you could just export individual React components. Now, you can export entire screens. We've also integrated CodeSandbox, so you can publish directly to CodeSandbox from Modulz.

A video demonstrating the new shadow tool in Modulz.
Publish your screen directly to CodeSandbox from Modulz.

Border panel redesign

We've updated the border panel to make it more functional and a bit fancier.

A video demonstrating the new shadow tool in Modulz.
The updated border panel in Modulz.

Image fill

A couple months ago we introduced the Image component. Now you can set an image as a background fill and take advantage of cool tricks like positioning and repeating.

A video demonstrating the new shadow tool in Modulz.
The new image fill feature in Modulz.

In other news

  • On May 29th we released Modulz to 238 of our awesome Kickstarter backers. Thank you! The final wave is due on July 24th.

  • We rolled out a new version of Radix (our open-source design system) which is built on top of Styled System, styled-components and Reach UI. We'll be releasing docs soon.

  • We're running our very first Modulz meet-up in London on June 13th. Get in touch asap if you're interested. Most of our team will be there and we would love to meet you!

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We're currently in private beta. We're primarily targeting teams. Applications will be screened based on fit.

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